Q. I’ve used a bunch of food related applications on my phone. Why do I need Pocketin?
A. Unlike others, Pocketin uses a real time deal engine to get a discount live from the restaurant. For a diner like you, apart from the standard deal, you will also be rewarded for factors like when are heading out (deals are usually better during non-peak hours), how many of you are heading out (get rewarded with a better deal if you are more people) and you get deals on restaurants of yours choice, not the other way around.
Q. What do you mean by real time deals?
A. Real time deals are simple to avail. Select up to three restaurants based on your budget and location. The restaurant gets a notification telling them about a prospective diner. Restaurant pushes a real time deal to the diner keeping in mind factors like date/time, expected occupancy, total budget among others. At the end of stipulated 5 minutes, you can expect a discount deal from three restaurants.
Q. Will you guarantee my table reservation? A. Yes we do. Everytime you book a deal with us, our platform checks for table reservations before confirming the deal to you. So go ahead, there's no waiting outside restaurants when you get Pocketin.
Q. Do I need to pay anything to Pocketin?
A. Pocketin does not charge the user for any of its service offerings. But Pocketin does collect advance payments for services at restaurants in some sections like Buffet/Packages. Kindly read the offer related T&C carefully before booking and payment on the platform.
Q. Is my payment information and personal information sourced through Google/Facebook completely secure with Pocketin?
A. Pocketin does not have access to any payment related information. We use India’s most secure gateways (PayTM and PayU) to facilitate your transactions and your data is completely secured with them. We do not, and will not ever give access to your information to any third party. *Pinky swear*
Q. I’m planning to a birthday party next week. Can you guys help me get a deal for it?
A. Yes, we can. Head over to Group Bookings in the app to request a call back. We help you from selecting restaurants, to getting quotations from them, to finally reserving the place for you. It’s free and designed to be hassle free.
Q. What other options does Pocketin have except the A-la-carte booking option?
A. Pocketin has four other options which complements the A-la-carte booking and deal option. Packages/Combo-deals: Pocketin brings you the best Package and combo deal options from across the most loved restaurants at unbeatable prices. Buying them from the platform is super easy. Just select the deal at the desired restaurant and enter the number of deals that you wish to buy. Pay online and enjoy the delicacies at the restaurant without worrying about the bill. Events: We know that you love attending live events at your favorite restaurants and clubs. So we list them for you and give you a brief insight into what’s hot and happening at the restaurant. Once you’ve made up your mind on which one to attend, you can even get a real time deal/discount along with your table reservation! Buffet: For all the food lovers out there who love trying out a variety of delicacies at a fixed price, we get you the best buffet options from around the town at prices you just wouldn’t believe. Payment is collected online prior to your visit, so that you can enjoy a seamless experience at the restaurant Blog: Pocketin App has a built in food and lifestyle blog, which gives you regular updates with everything that’s related to food and your eating lifestyle. Right from easy kitchen hacks, in depth understanding of variety of cuisines, expert reviews on new restaurants to tips on having a better diet, we have it all for you!
Q. What if I’m still clueless about the services and need help?
A. Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered, whenever you need help regarding any of our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by clicking on the chat icon on the top right corner of any page in the application. We will reply to your query within 30 minutes (11 am - 11 pm) and as soon as possible during other times. Or else, if you want to talk about anything specific, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]
Q. Are there any other rewards or benefits for using this app except the real time deals/discounts and the convenience of booking?
A. Yes, we have a TINS Wallet. This is a reward wallet. That means, you cannot load any cash into this wallet but you will earn TINS (Reward Currency) for different actions (bookings/reservations/referrals etc.) and redeem them directly at Pocketin or at various other offline/online merchants. We are committed in giving you a rewarding experience when you dine out using our app.